What is TAACC?

TAACC, The Apac Anti Corruption Coalition is a Coalition of 150 subscribed members (CBO, NGOs, Media Houses and individual activists) who share a common objective of fighting all forms of corruption and human rights abuses in Lango sub region. TAACC is one of the Regional Anti Corruption Coalition (RACC) affiliated to Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU).

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  • On Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 01:57pm on 0784841341, Hon. Okullo Onimo Sadam called the Executive Director of TAACC and prayed “…..Mzee, May God give you more time to help people…” Okullo added that it is God who has chosen you Mr. Opwonya Tom to “…save the poor people…, let him allow you live for long…”  This followed TAACC engagement with Otwal Sub-County officials and District leaders over poor service delivery in Otwal Health centre III and encroaching on the public wetland. details in the post.
  • I do appreciate the effort of TAACC in Kole District. TAACC is sensitizing our communities, making them know their roles and efforts of government through development projects in their areas and also reminding stakeholders on their roles and responsibilities. For example the community of Abur primary school is supportive to the school by willing paying the school development fund! Tom Okare- D.E.O Kole
  • The service users in Kungu HCII and Aganga HCII are appreciating the services offered to the at the moment compared to before. Better services have improved in the Immunization,  Antinental care, drugs distribution and good sanitation at the facilities. However they are are calling upon to improve further by putting maternity wards at the facilities to avoid the mothers from traveling long distances Says, Mr. Gaci Francis Service user in Kungu This happened through TAACC's intervention with support from ACCU with Funding Partership for Transparency Fund.
  • • TAACC registered 493 corruption cases (243 cases from October 2013 - June 2014 & 218 cases from July 2014 to June 2015). • TAACC managed to follow 150 of the cases exposed and it logically concluded 65 of the cases. • Also, the police CIIDs of Apac, Kole and Oyam districts opened 13 case files on the cases exposed by TAACC stated above. • The DPP sanctioned 02 case files and Apac district court concluded one (01) case. Eleven (11) of the cases mentioned above are still under police investigations. • TAACC referred 09 cases to the IGG in Lira Regional Office during the period stated above.


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