Engagement meeting with key district stakeholders and MPs to discuss the problems faced by Apac General Hospital

The Apac Anti Corruption Coalition (TAACC) has received many complaints from the Independent Budget Monitors (IBMs) and the health service users of Apac Main Hospital that needs urgent attention. The major complaints include the following:

1. The breakdown of the X – Ray machine, Ultra Scan, CD4 Machines and the Hospital Ambulance for the last two years,
2. The Hospital staff quarters and mortuary are in terrible conditions.
3. The Hospital has a very low staffing level with only three Medical Officers instead of the seven
4. The non-payment of the top up allowance for the Medical Officers that was approved by Apac district Council.
5. The illegal charging of fees for operating patients and in the dental department amongst others.
6. Few beds for patients sometimes leading to premature discharge of patients

Based on TAACC’s objectives, there is need for ALL the stakeholders to find solutions to the problems stated. Therefore, TAACC has organized a radio talk show on radio Devine FM on Wednesday 20th August 2014 from 8:00pm – 9:30pm to discuss the issues of the state of Apac main hospital to enable the public suggest solutions. There will also be a problem solving meeting with key stakeholders in the district, including Members of Parliament to forge workable solution, on Thursday 21st August 2014 at Women Development Centre, Apac Town. The meeting will start at 10:00am but not 10:00pm as stated in the invitation letter to stakeholders.