Hearing of community complaints “Kimeeza” at Otwal Sub County headquarters on Tuesday 26th May, 2015 at Otwal Sub County Headquarters, Oyam district, at 01:00 pm.

TAACC works in Apac, Kole & Oyam districts to make the voice of the ordinary person heard and acted on by leaders. TAACC is funded by Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) under the component of “Voice & accountability”. TAACC gets information from the general public and the 216 trained Independent Budget Monitors (IBMs) in the three districts. TAACC’s work is in accordance to the legal provisions in Uganda, such as the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda 1995, the Access to Information Act (ATIA) 2005, and the Anti Corruption Act, 2009 amongst others.

The work of TAACC is also in line with the many party manifestoes of “ZERO TOLERANCE TO CORRUPTION” and the responsibility of the elected leaders of PROVIDING OVERSIGHT functions amongst other responsibilities. TAACC, therefore, helps government leaders to perform their roles effectively and also provides opportunities to the community to get their concerns to leaders. Reference is made to the alleged corruption cases from Otwal Sub County, which include amongst others:
1. Alleged embezzlement of 6,253,380/= meant for Opoang-gul community access road by the sub county leaders in the FY 2013/2014.
2. It is allegded that LC III chairperson Mr. Ojok Bosco has abondoned his role as the chairman and is now the deputy principal of a technical school in karamoja
3. The community members are complaining that the acting Sub County Chief Ms Acio Grace is often not in office to attend to their concerns leaving only the office assistant Ms Akello Doreen
4. Alleged embezzlement of primary health care fund from 2012-2014 at Acokara Health Centre II
The letter alleging the corruptions above have been copied to leaders like the RDC, LC.V Chairman, the Speaker, CAO, DISO, GISO, the Sub County Chief Otwal, the LC III Chairman, and the media. As an organization that believes in evidences to enable leaders take corrective actions, TAACC is inviting and facilitating you to attend the above.

TAACC will be happy if you attend in person.

Thank you

Opwonya Tom Superman.
Executive Director