Northern Uganda Partners Reflection Meeting.

The Apac Anti Corruption Coalition

P.O. Box 64, Apac
Office: +256790915362/ +256772647107
Northern Uganda Partners Reflection Meeting,
Wednesday, 25th March 2015
Akello Hotel, Soroti

Presented by: Geoffrey Okullo
Programme Manager
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TAACC’s Achievements fro DGF Funding:

 TAACC trained 216 Independent Budget Monitors equipped them with tools to monitor & engage leaders from Apac, Kole & Oyam districts.
 From Oct. 2013 – March 2015, TAACC exposed a total of 393 corruption scandals from 372 service points from the 3 districts.
 Out of 392 cases, TAACC followed 65 cases & concluded 60 of them
 Police has opened 9 case files; the DPP has sanctioned 2 files while Apac court concluded 1 case & 7 cases are still under investigations.
 9 cases were reported to regional IGG, Lira.
 Cases exposed by TAACC in monetary sum equals 869,855,911/= & Ugx 65,377,120/= from the amount is recovered. This includes forcing authorities to redo undone/shoddy works & supplies.
 This constitutes 8% of the stolen / mismanaged funds stated from Apac, Kole & Oyam districts.

Some of the evidence based advocacy of TAACC national media (Daily Monitor, NTV TV)



More of TAACC’s impact! The Abongomola Sub-county CAR worth 15m was redone following TAACC’s intervention-Apac district.


Some of the action oriented approach by TAACC, Police take statements from the field!
The media is a strong ally to cause action.

DSC01028  tino

TAACC targets the vulnerable. Helped SAGE beneficiaries of Kole district to get mismanaged Ugx.400.000.000/=

Below left: Voice & Accountability, a crippled SAGE beneficiary voice is heard!
Right: TAACC’s Staff helps an old woman (SAGE beneficiary) to address leaders of Kole district.

DSC00214     DSC00216

8,307 elderly people from Kole district were helped to get their benefit

The Kole district mismanaged SAGE fund exposed by TAACC on the media and right is the response by SAGE Communications Manager

sage 2   sage 1

TAACC caused recovery of Inomo Sub-county motorcycle.
Below left: The Parish Chief Alex Okori who had hidden the Honda Jialing motorcycle & Right: The recovered motorcycle.

DSC01667 - Copy   DSC05026

TAACC caused more recovery of Inomo asset.

Below left: The Parish Chief Alex Okori who had hidden the Honda Jialing motorcycle & Right: The recovered motorcycle.

DSC05031     DSC05060


 Overwhelming demand for TAACC’s intervention vs. limited resources,
 Politicization of issues by the affected leaders,
 Attempts to deny information to the IBMs, arrogance & abuse e.g The LC. V Chairman Apac called the IBMs ignorant “villagers” who should not be given information.
 Persecution & hatred of TAACC’s staffs, activists & IBMs by those affected by its advocacy.
 Some of Apac DLC members tried to expel TAACC from the district through a failed motion moved on 28th – 29th August 2014 Council session.

Lessons learnt:
 The people’s power is more that the power of a powerful leader when well mobilized.
 Persistence, credibility, determination, strong partnership / strategic alliance & networking is key in demanding for accountability.
 Courage & selflessness as opposed to work for pay cheaque is the only way to help Uganda from corruption.
 Public love, trust & protection helps to spread risks in any difficult accountability advocacy.

Way forward:

 TAACC to remain focused with evidences to overcome the challenges,
 Strategic partnership with media houses & power centres to spread the risks & negative attitudes by sadists.
 TAACC to use the public as shield in risky advocacy through involvement.
 More fund raising to address especially the election related interventions to bring good leaders on board