Otwal Sub-County Youth Councillor appreciated TAACC’s work.

The Sub-County chief and LCIII Chairperson of Otwal Sub-County in Oyam district connived and bought a 45m by 90m wetland fraudulently at Ugx 8million. They took advantage of the directive of Otwal Sub-County council approval that a piece of land be purchased for livestock market to generate revenue for the Sub-County. After looking at the approved fund as an area that they can benefit from, Otwal Sub-County Chief connived with one Odongo Jimmy who purportedly sold off a wetland adjacent to the railway line west of Otwal railway sub-station. Apart from being a wetland, the piece of land in question has a high voltage power line passing over it and the same wetland is both in the railway reserve and a road reserve. According to the watch dogs of TAACC referred to as Independent Budget Monitors (IBMs) , the wet land in question was not actually sold but Odongo Jimmy was told to claim that he sold the piece of land just to enable some cost to appear to have been met. They contend that the public land was not actually bought but just used for accountability purposes. TAACC organised a big engagement over the matter on Tuesday 28th 02 2017 at Otwal Trading Centre “B”. The RDC Ms Jillian Akullu, DPC, Environment Officer of Oyam district and more than 300 people attended the engagement. Otwal Sub-county Chairperson LCIII and technical staff were put on the dock. Seeing that they had failed to explain and account for their actions Oyam RDC directed the police;

  1. Arrest Odongo Jimmy who claims to have sold the wetland in question and recover the 8million with immediate effect.
  2. Arrest Otwal Sub-County Chief, Sub-accountant and Chairperson LCIII Chairperson if they fail to recover the money in question from Odongo Jimmy.

Other useful resolutions were made on the problems surrounding the women loan project, youth livelihood fund and the filled up placenta pit at Otwal H/C III among others satisfied with TAACC’s intervention.

On Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 01:57pm on 0784841341, Hon. Okullo Onimo Sadam called the Executive Director of TAACC and prayed “…..Mzee, May God give you more time to help people…” Okullo added that it is God who has chosen you Mr. Opwonya Tom to “…save the poor people…, let him allow you live for long…”