Poor status of Health service delivery at Chawente Sub-county in Apac district.


Above: A staff of TAACC and chairman HUMC looking at the broken wall at Abei HCII in Chawente Sub-county Apac district at a sorry state, fear of falling any time.

Below: Side view of a staff house at Abei HCII and the wall is peeling off and through the hole, its a breeding home for bats.


Below: Front view of the staff house at Abei HCII is  a result of shoddy work .




Above: Maternity ward at Chawente HCIII in Chawente Sub-county in Apac district taken up by Bats with very bad smell but mothers are still producing in such and the walls are also coming down.

Below:A mother with her child is on drip but the heath facility does not have a room for admission and she has been put on a corridor at Chawente HCIII.


Verification done under the Citizen Action Platform Project funded by PTF