Citizens engagement for improved service delivery

Partnerships and Networks with Public Accountability Institutions: This aims at strengthening the capacity of local anti corruption activists and agencies to provide effective oversight roles on public service delivery. Notable institutions include; Local Government Public Accounts Committees PTFund_logo(LGPAC), Parliamentary PACs, Parliamentary Local Government Accounts Committee, Inspectorate of Government (IG), Office of Auditor General (OAG), Criminal Intelligent Investigation Department (CIID), etc. These also include non state Actors (NSA) demanding and advocating for change and improvements at the local and national levels.

Holding service providers accountable to citizens for improved Basic Service Delivery:  ???????????????????????????????

This aims at empowering the citizens to access information, monitor and engage duty bearers to provide better services to them. Most citizens do not understand that they make direct contribution through taxes to run public affairs. They are reluctant to fulfill their constitutional duties to demand for better services and the responsibility to fight corruption and misuse of public resources. TAACC is increasing pressure from citizens engagement for improved service delivery and accountability.