With funding from Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) through Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU), TAACC is implementing a Citizens Action platform (CAP) project in the health sector of Apac district. The project is designed in such a way that TAACCs trained community structures (IBMs) monitor any problem in the health facility and report through a toll free SMS or phone call to TAACC and or Transparency Uganda (TI-U). TAACC focal person then gets to the field to verify the complaint. In case the problem is found to be real, TAACC then facilitates the responsible leaders to meet and dialogue on the best possible way to address the problem.

Both the beneficiaries and the health service providers have expressed interest that TAACC should facilitate some key leaders from Apac district to Abei Health Centre 11 so that they advise them on the problems facing the health facility. TAACC has identified your office as well placed to help the people of Abei health Centre 11. Otherwise, key amongst the problems are:

1. The out patients block and the staff house built and commissioned about 5 years ago is about to collapse causing injury to the people since they were all built without ring bims (ref. Attached photos).
2. The Health Assistant of the facility one Joel Opio is reported to be staying in Apac Town most of the time, hence not available to sensitize the community around which has led to very low latrine coverage where the nearby residents to the health facility use the Health Centre 11 pit latrine.
3. The big bats have completely colonized the OPD and staff houses constructed without ring bims leading to a very bad stench of the facility and their actions has increased the pace of the wall collapse which is affecting medicines in the facility,
4. The solar system of the facility is dysfunctional since its installation yet the health facility also handles emergency cases.

TAACC will be please if you positively respond to help address the issues above and others that you will get from the venue. TAACC will facilitate the invited leaders with fuel to get to the venue and back

Thank you
Opwonya Tom Superman
Executive Director