Re: Request to attend a dialogue on the complaints by Kole district VHTs on alleged fraud of their training fund meant to prepare them to handle Malaria epidemic:

Dear Sir / Madam

Please, refer to the copy of the MoU signed between Kole district local government and The Apac Anti-Corruption Coalition (TAACC) for any detail. Otherwise, TAACC is working in Apac, Kole and Oyam districts to ensure that the communities get effective services by fighting corruption and ensuring that there is proper accountability of public funds meant for service delivery. Through its trained community structures called the Independent Budget Monitors (IBMs) spread in the three target districts, TAACC helps the ordinary person to have their voice reach different leaders who are expected to take actions. Recently, TAACC has got the complaints below from Kole district:


  1. That the funds for training the Village Health Teams (VHTs) for Ayer, Aboke, Bala, Alito and Akalo Sub Counties have been mismanaged to the tune of 17,568,000/= (Seventeen million five hundred sixty eight shillings only). The said money is part of the funds for training 976 VHTs funded by the Global fund. The training took place in March 2016 and the Focal Point Person for the training is said to be one Andrew Ayo who is the Officer In Charge, Bala Health Centre 111. A total of 976 VHTs were to be trained( see attached).


  1. The alleged nonpayment of 115 VHTs from Ayer Sub-County in Kole district during the VHT orientation for Mass Fever Treatment of Malaria epidemic funded by USAID ASSIST Project. This is 1st Phase training that took place in August & September 2015. The same Andrew Ayo who was Malaria Focal Point Person is said to be responsible. Ugx 9,200,000/= (Nine million, two hundred thousand shillings only) meant to be paid to 115 VHTs of Ayer Sub County is allegedly not paid.  


To get the issues from the complainants, TAACC has mobilized a baraza on Wednesday 9th November 2016 so that you hear from the affected persons and act on the matter. The venue is Ayer Health Centre II, Ayer Sub County beginning at 11:00 am prompt. TAACC will provide refreshment during the dialogue. Please, help TAACC to help you solve the problems facing your people.


Thank you,


Opwonya Tom Superman.

Executive Director.