TAACC-DGF Report Jan-March 2015

The Apac Anti-Corruption Coalition (TAACC)

Project Title: Strengthening citizens’ capacity to demand for accountability in public service delivery.

Contract Number: 0119_TAACC

Third quarter report, 2015 (January – March)

Contact person Opwonya Tom

Partner Address: P.O.Box 64, Apac Uganda
Plot 11, ASDI Building,
Republic Road,
Apac town

Telephone: +256 790 915 362 / +256752 647 107

Email: theapacanticorruptioncoalition@gmail.com

Website: www.taacc.org.ug
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Basic Project Information
Name of project: Strengthening citizens’ capacity to demand for accountability in public service delivery.

Project goal and objectives: Goal: To strengthen local accountability mechanism for effective service delivery to the people of Uganda.

1. Empowering the citizens from the project target area to access information, monitor and engage duty bearers to provide better services to them.

2. Strengthening the capacity of local activists and anti corruption agencies in the project target area to provide effective oversight roles on public service delivery.
Location of the project: Apac, Kole and Oyam districts directly targeted. Lira, Dokolo, Amolatar, Alebtong, Otuke and Kiryandongo districts indirectly targeted through overlapping impact (Through radio, TVs, Print & Electronic media).
Geographical coverage: Northern Uganda.
Contract start date: 1st October 2013.
Contract end date: 30th June 2016
Planned budget for the reporting period: Ugx: 59,048,527/=.
Actual expenditure for the reporting period: Ugx: 58.986.670/=

Project output/expected result 1 Planned activity Status of implementation Reason for variance (if any)

Strengthened capacity of citizens to monitor and engage leaders to provide better services to them.

The public are mobilized, empowered and inspired to understand, monitor, expose and address accountability at local level through Forum Theatre, Radio talk show, spot jingle, rural community radio debates and local new papers.

Activity 1: Facilitate Monitoring of Public Expenditure and Service Delivery in public sectors.
The trained community watchdogs referred to as Independent Budget Monitors (IBMs) were effective in monitoring service delivery and tracking the use of public resources in Apac, Kole and Oyam districts with visible impacts during the quarter. They shared their reports with TAACC and other duty bearers and demanded action. TAACC used the evidences in the reports to engage leaders to fight corruption and improve service delivery.

24 cases were reported from 37 service delivery points during the quarter. (21 from Apac, 8 from Kole & 8 from Oyam). 47 cases were reported directly to TAACC offices and recorded in the daily case log book either by ordinary citizens or the IBMs. However, it was difficult for TAACC to quantify the cases reported through phone calls to individual staff much as many cases were reported through phone calls too. Education, Health and community projects like the Community Driven Development – CDD fund mismanagements had many complaints. Others are the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund – NUSAF II and the restocking projects as well as corruption in the distribution of the VHT bicycles by leaders.

TAACC and the IBMs used the monitoring reports to engage the State actors to act on the problems. This resulted to the exposure of many cases and recoveries of mismanaged funds as sited below within the quarter:

1. The alleged embezzlement of the CDD fund for the year 2013 – 2014 in Adem Parish, Chegere Sub- County by Hon James Jackson Opio, the area Councilor for the Parish. The Sub County Chief Oballa Wilbert and M/s Jennifer Otyeka the Community Development Officer (CDO) were also named in the mismanagement of the Ugx. 4 million CDD funds that was meant to benefit Canolola community group.

2. The alleged fraud in the selection of the beneficiaries for Acan Okun NUSAF II project in Okutu Agwee Parish, Chegere Sub County in Apac district by Hon. Otim Tom, the L.C III Chairman. The NUSAF 11 fund is about Ugx. 15 million shillings. TAACC caused the recovery of the fund, read on please!

3. The fraudulent giving of the PLE electronic registration contract for 5,130 candidates at 15,000/= totaling Ugx. 76,950,000/= without following the PPDA laws by Apac district Education department to the Photoshop belonging to the District Information Officer Apac district. Apac district has 120 Primary Schools.

4. The alleged extortion of Ugx. 2,510,000/= from the fishermen of Kayei landing site in Akokoro Sub County in Apac district by one Ali, the Team Leader for enforcement of illegal fishing gears in Lake Kyoga.

5. The shoddy construction of a Ugx 64,299,123/= classroom block at Abany Primary School in Abongomola Sub County in Apac district. The block developed 11 cracks on the wall because poor quality materials were used. TAACC IBMs reported the case to the Resident District Commissioner – RDC and Chief Administrative Officer – CAO) Apac district. The RDC directed the contractor Great North Suppliers (U) Ltd. to re-do the work immediately and it was redone.

6. The shoddy construction of a classroom block at Abongomola Seed School in Apac district. The contractor had used poor quality materials. Cracks developed on the wall and the floor.

7. The shoddy construction of a Ugx. 76 million staff house at Agulu Primary School in Apac Town Council by SHAJAPA Technical Works Ltd. The project was stealthily commissioned by the contractor and was being occupied by the Head teacher. The twin staff house had several cracks on the floor, ceiling board, sub standard metal doors and the solar system was not working with the inverter missing. TAACC reported the case with evidence to the CAO, RDC and IGG Lira amongst others. The contractor was compelled to correct the work.

8. The demand for Ugx. 15,000/= by a Midwife of Inomo Health Centre III in Apac district from the husband of M/s Anna Akullo after helping her deliver on the 22nd . 02. 2014. Akullo was detained by the Midwife at the health facility up to when TAACC IBMs intervened and she was released. The IBMs intercepted a letter written by Akullo’s husband to a neighbor requesting the neighbor to give him the 15,000/= and the neighbor would use their land for cultivation for a season in return!

9. The poor minimum standards for service delivery especially in the education sector in Igoti Primary School in Apac district. The School has 48 desks only for the 540 pupils and just 01 pit latrine for 8 teachers. Also in Aporwegi Primary School, Apac district, there are no desks for pupils in classes P.1, P, 2 & P. 3.

10. The theft of government medicines & supplies by the Officer In charge of Ayer Health Centre II in Kole district (27 boxes of coaterm for adults & children, 10 boxes of rapid testing – RTD kits) for testing malaria. The IBMs caused the arrest of the Officer one Apita Isaac and the case is at Kole CPS with the case file no. CRB 112/2015. The case was discussed extensively by the community on Yabwangi Programme, Radio Unity FM in Lira.

11. The demand for illegal fees at Alemi Police Post in Kole district. The IBMs reported that Police medial forms are sold to complainants who report assault cases. The Police Officers are said not to always put on their uniforms for fear of being identified with the name tags on the uniform when they extort the money.

12. The alleged theft of a solar panel from Lwala Health Center II in Kole district moreover the facility has a night guard.

13. The fraudulent allocation of 12 Village Health Team – VHT bicycles to the Councilors of Bala Sub County and 24 VHT bicycles to yet another Councilors of Aboke Sub County by the Health Assistants of Kole district.

14. The mismanagement of the parents collection totaling Ugx 139,000/= by the Head teacher of Aweingwec Primary School, Aboke Sub County in Kole district.

15. The alleged mismanagement of 6,190,000/= million UPE fund by Head teacher Francis Ojok of Acaba Primary School for the 2014 / 2015 financial year. (The school received 3,260,000/= in the first release & 2,930,000/= for the 2nd release). There is no accountability of the fund.

16. The gross misconduct by one Kolo Kenneth, head teacher of Omiri Primary School in Iceme Sub County. Head teacher Kolo is reported to have poor relationship with his teachers, the parents and the pupils. He one time threatened to knock a parent with a motorcycle and he uses very vulgar language on the pupils which has affected learning in the School.

17. The mismanagement of Ugx. 4 million for Iceme Producers Saving and Loan Association – IPSLA by the SACCO Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer. TAACC IBMs helped the members to file a case at Iceme Police Station no. SD14/12/3/2015 PRB 105/2015.

18. The reported poor service provision and staff absenteeism at Anyeke Health Centre IV. The medicines are often out of stock and patients are forced to travel long distance to access medical service from far.

19. The recovery of the Parents Teachers Association – PTA fund of 1,389,500/= for the financial year 2014/2015 for Awelobutoryeo Primary School mismanaged by the Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer of the PTA of the school.

20. The reported intimidation and failure to pay facilitation allowance for the Village Health Teams – VHT by the In Charge of Alira Health Centre II in Iceme Sub County, Oyam district. Tonny Awany intentionally failed to pay the VHTs allowances for the vaccination exercise that the VHYs conducted. He claimed that the money was in the bank but when the IBMs piled pressure on him, he paid them.

21. The recovery of Ugx. 230,000/= meant for the repair of Okello-ocoga borehole in Station Village, Atura Parish in Aber Sub County in Oyam district from one John Opio, the caretaker of the borehole and George Otidi the Chairperson L.C I.

22. The repair of the shoddy work on the maternity block of Aber Health Centre 111 by the IBMs of Aber Sub County. The contractor is Ambrozoli Ocen.

23. The reported poor service delivery and mismanagement of UPE fund at Fr. Oryang Memorial Primary School. The School has dilapidated staff houses and inadequate toilet for the staff and pupils, with high level of teachers absenteeism.

TAACC managed to follow some of the cases during the quarter while the trained IBMs managed to handle others in the field. Some of the results are reported against the cases pointed here. Some are reported under the activity of the District Integrity Promotion Forum (DIPFs) held during the quarter. However, some cases will be followed in the next quarter.
47 cases were received and logged in the daily case book from Jan – March 2015 by TAACC compared to the 24 cases received in the last quarter and 66 cases in the previous quarter.
Activity 2: Public/citizen education through Forum Theatre Groups, Local Media & IEC materials. Two (02) public educations through Forum Theatre were held during the quarter against the 03 planned. Resources could not allow TAACC to hold all the 03. Below are detail:

 The 1st public education through Forum Theatre was held on 20th Jan. 2015 at Awila Primary School, Akokoro Sub County in Apac district. The plot of the play was on the greed by the local leaders. The actors depicted the local leaders who procured sub standard solar system Awila School. It presented to the public how such leaders should be followed and reported and what the leaders should do to ensure that public projects are not abused.

 Part of the play touched the theft of the CDD fund by Akokoro Sub County Chairman L.C 111. The play ridiculed citizens who chose to remain powerless yet they are eager to vote the same greedy leaders. In the twist of event, the play presented an active, informed citizen engaging leaders and denying them votes for leadership position following their bad deeds.

 Around 400 people (180 men & 220 women and School children) watched the presentation.

The public were asked questions after the thrilling drama. They gave the learning that they have got from the Forum Theatre. The feedback sowed that the public felt challenged. The SMC of the School, Tom Adoko when giving his remark said “ I don’t want you the parents to behave like the character who was all the time drunk when the head teacher and the project committee were abusing their NUSAF money…In deed some of you behave exactly like that man…. This should stop if Awila Primary School and Akokoro Sub County is to develop…” Such remark to TAACC shows that the public felt some pain for their omission, thus got educated through the play.

 The 2nd public education through Forum Theatre was held on February 12th 2015 at Abur Primary School in Kole district. Since the issues that were to be communicated were touching, TAACC’s Forum Theatre group used puppet drama. Through the puppets, the actors addressed the parents on the roles that they have failed to perform in the School. The puppet addressed the following:

i. Lack of the teachers houses and latrine for the pupils and the poor performance in the School,
ii. Nonpayment of the fees needed to improve learning in the School,
iii. The failure of Ayer Sub County Councilors and the DEO of Kole district to provide desks and give priority to Abur Primary School during the budgeting period and many other difficult to mention problems.

The presentation touched all who have failed in their role in one way or the other. One Olal Moses said, “…so we are to blame for the death of our School…..I can hear and see a lot that we the parents have not done yet everybody was looking at the headmaster as the problem…and our Councilors, they don’t tell those at the district the problems that Abur Primary School is facing…what kind of Councilors are these people?

A comment of this nature shows that the message got through to the public and has stimulated some feeling of responsibility. The Forum Theatre was attended by over 380 people (200 women & 180 men). TAACC held two (02) public education through Forum Theatre. TAACC had planned for one (01) (ref. detail in the main report).

Organizing the activity jointly helped TAACC to achieve more.

The Forum Theatre teams have become part of the District Integrity Promotion Forum (DIPF) organized by TAACC.

No IEC material was planned for Jan – March 2015.
Activity 3: Holding Accountability Radio Talk Shows. During the quarter, three (3) accountability radio talk shows were held on Radio Divine 90.6 FM. The talk shows were held on the 19th Jan, 11th Feb. & 30th March 2015 respectively.

TAACC used the talk shows for:
i. Mobilizing the community for the field programmes,
ii. Highlighting the issues reported and getting more testimonies on accountability deficits experienced in the area that the field intervention will be held,
iii. Engaging leaders through inviting the affected community to articulate the problems reported with on the ground evidence,
iv. Getting the response through inviting strategic leaders to respond to the issues,
v. Providing opportunity for the listeners to call and ask the leaders on issues of accountability that they have experienced,
vi. Giving opportunity to the public to whistle blow any accountability issue in the community, naming and shaming the corrupt through the guidance of the moderator.

The 1st talk show had (8) callers (2 women & 6 men). The 2nd talk show had 11 phone calls, all of them men & the 3rd talk show had 6 male callers.

Those who phoned in appreciated TAACC for its bold stance on accountability. They thanked TAACC for inspiring the public and demonstrating that it is possible to fight corruption. The most inspiring remark through the phone in came from a youthful caller from Kwibale in Akokoro Sub County Haggard Akena who boldly said “…..We voted for money and money is now at work…..500/= only has made us cry for 5 years….let us stop voting for money and start looking at the quality of any political candidate. We have to change this attitude of nothing for nothing and something for something…..otherwise; corrupt leaders will continue to occupy leadership positions every time we vote for money….” The remark followed the fact that Hon. Richmond Eguny, the L.C 111 Chairman who was propelled to leadership by a political godfather (the area MP who used a lot of money in the last election) was implicated in the mismanagement of CDD fund for Ket ngwalo Itic disabled group of Akokoro Sub County.

While Jasper, a caller from Chegere Sub County said “…..what TAACC is doing has given evidence of mismanagement and greed by leaders…… I call upon the Almighty God to protect them….we the citizens should continue to monitor, document and report cases of corruption and poor service delivery to the authorities so that actions are taken because the government sends money from the centre but our own people, some of them are even elected by us steal the money with impunity….”

Ronald from Apac Town Council remarked during one of the talk show that “…it is good we are approaching 2016 (the time for election) let us vote out all the leaders who are not responsive to the citizens’ problems”.

To TAACC, this level of emotional engagement by the ordinary citizens shows empowerment capable of generating positive change. Otherwise, the Panelists in the talk shows included TAACC staff, local leaders, some IBMs and community leaders from the project target area. According to the source from Radio Divine FM listenership data, the accountability radio talk show reached an estimated 900 – 1,200 people during the quarter.

TAACC had 3 different running spot jingles on Radio Divine FM as well during the quarter. The messages are designed from the governance issues on the ground. At least around 14 spots messages were aired during the popular Bilo Atedero programme daily. One of the messages urged the leaders to stop lamenting yet they have power in their hands.., another spot message enumerates TAACC’s successes through the IBMs. It challenges everybody to become an IBM to get rid of corruption from Apac, Kole and Oyam districts.

TAACC believes that the activity helped to empower the citizens and make them engage the leaders effectively, increasing their voice on accountability during the quarter than before. Of course, all the spot messages mentioned the source of funding that has made the intervention possible as being DGF. Three (03) accountability radio talk shows were held as planned. However, 01 accountability talk show that was carried forward from 2nd quarter still remains.

The 01 remaining radio talk shows will be used to disseminate the ACODE Local Government Scorecard for Apac district Councilors. The result will be out on the 16th April 2015.

TAACC will use the talk show to provide platform for the public to engage the Councilors as we come nearer to the elections of 2016.

Activity 4: Organizing Rural community debates on governance issues.
Three (3) District Integrity Promotion Forums – DIPF / Community debates / Kimeeza were organized as planned during the quarter. The action oriented engagements were based on the IBMs report of corruption, mismanagement and abuse of public resources. Below are the detail:

1. On Jan. 20th 2015 the engagement on the corruption in procuring Awila Primary School solar and CDD fund for Ket Ngwalo Itic disable group, Akokoro Sub County, Apac district. Three (03) people were arrested. Read on please. Otherwise, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC), O/C Station, Deputy District Internal Security Officer (DISO), former Member of Parliament (MP) for Maruzi Count, Vice Chairperson LC III – Akokoro Sub County & the Councilors, the Sub County Chief, & the Accounts Assistant, Deputy Head teacher of Awila Primary School, the School Management Committee (SMC), Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) and over 400 people (180 men & 220 women, including School children) attended. The engagement discussed the alleged embezzlement the 2013 – 2014 CDD fund embezzlement and corruption in procuring Awila Primary School solar project of 21,800,000/= million Ugx Shillings funded by NUSAF II and the mismanagement 1,049,000/= UPE fund for Kwibale Primary School.

2. The 2nd engagement was held at Abur Primary School, Abur parish, Ayer Sub County in Kole district on 12th Feb. 2015. It was recorded, edited and later aired on both Divine FM (90.6) in Apac Town Council & Radio Wa FM (88.9) in Lira Municipality. The District Education Officer (DEO), District CIID, Secretary Finance & Administration of Kole district attended. Others were the SMC, PTA, Head teacher, and over 380 Parents (estimated at 200 women & 180 men).

After the engagement, the DEO Kole district promised 32 desks before June 2015, Ayer Sub County pledge 72 desks to the school in the financial year 2014/2015. To TAACC, this is good impact towards improving the education of the children of the School that would not have been achieved without the engagement.

3 The 3rd community engagement to demand accountability was on 31st March 2015 at Chegere Sub County Headquarters, Apac district. Over 250 people (150 women & 100 men) attended. The RDC was represented by the DISO, the CIID, the LC III Chairman, Council Members of Chegere Sub County, the Sub County Chief, the Community Development Officer (CDO), Accounts Assistant, Parish Chief, media and CSO members attended. The issues discussed included the mismanagement of the CDD fund of 4 million by the area Councilor Hon. James Jackson Opio & the mismanagement of NUSAF II fund of 15 million shillings by the L.C III Chairman for Chegere Sub County. The engagement resulted to the preference of charges against Hon. Opio James Jackson & his agents of forgery & obtaining money through false pretence via CRB 247/2015.

All the three (3) community rural debates were recorded, edited and aired on both Radio Divine FM (90.6) in Apac Town and the Lira based Radio Wa (89.8 FM) on the 6th Feb. 2015. Eight 8 callers (2 women & 6 men) contributed and the 2nd debate was aired on the 16th Feb. 2015 on Radio Divine FM. 06 male callers. The 3rd debate was aired on the 8th April 2015. Eight (08) people phoned in and contributed (5 males & 3 females).

National media houses (WBS, NTV, Daily Monitor, etc) blew the issues in their news. The Awila School engagement was reported on WBS on the 22nd Jan. 2015 @ 9 PM with the headline “Three people arrested in Akokoro Sub County in Apac district over fraud….the Deputy RDC Apac district…..” see the link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qos1c6005Q4 NTV carried the news on 23rd Jan. 2015 i.e. NTV@1. The wide coverage led to the recovery of Ugx 1.2 million for the CDD project that was stolen by Hon. Richmond Eguny, Chairman LC. 111 Akokoro Sub County.
All the planned 03 DIPF / Community engagement done as planned. The impact was very good.

Read the main report please.
1. Slow pace of the State actors to investigate and prosecute the cases exposed by TAACC and its IBMs. To date, from Dec. 2013 – Dec. 2014, TAACC has exposed 355 cases of corruption from 335 service points from the target 3 districts. TAACC has followed with engagements 153 cases of the 355 and completed 30 cases at community level. However, the Police have opened 08 case files while the DPP has sanctioned only 02 files so far! This has prompted Henry Okello, the Team Leader of the IBMs of Aber Sub County to write to TAACC as “…This is to inform you that we, the IBMs are becoming reluctant to write reports due to the slow pace of the government actors to handle cases fast enough to our satisfaction….failure to give feedback make us feel that our efforts are not being appreciated….Even the cases that the district leaders have pronounced themselves on keep on dragging to our dissatisfaction and that of the community….” In deed as TAACC we are as well unhappy to see our big effort not marching with the one of the Police, IGG, Courts of law, etc.

2. TAACC did not budget for any transport (bicycle) for the IBMs. However, the distance that they cover and their big effort needed such facilitation. This is based on the fact that the IBMs are volunteers that needed at least a one off motivation to even make them more effective.

3. There are risks on TAACC’s strategic partners, staff and associates. The IBMs of Aleka Sub County met resistance from the Sub County Officials. The LC III Chairperson threatened to harm Odongo Benson the Team Leader of the IBMs. The same was experienced in Acaba Sub County where head teacher Francis Ojok who mismanaged Ugx. 6,190,000 UPE fund threatened and confronted the IBMs. Even the Deputy RDC of Apac district who is a strong supporter of TAACC has been poisoned!
1. More efforts to spread the risk of demanding for accountability by TAACC should be explored and strong linkage for protection of TAACC accountability actors by higher authorities to be made. The IBMs to be careful and strictly act within the laws governing demanding for accountability in Uganda.

2. TAACC should increase its fund raising drive to match its programme needs for effectiveness especially with development partners that can appreciate some of the requirements that TAACC has found very necessary in its programmes.

3. Evidence based advocacy should remain TAACC’s strong tool to demand for accountability to reduce risks and make TAACC maintain its credibility.

Project output/expected result 2:

The local capacity of the community, CSOs, activists and institutions strengthened to address accountability deficits.

Increased networking, linkages & partnership amongst stakeholders. Planned activity Status of implementation Reason for variance (if any)
Activity 1: Facilitating quarterly District Integrity Promotion Forum (DIPF) / engagements. Three (03) were held during the quarter as planned in Apac and Kole districts. All the meetings were a follow up of the issues reported by the IBMs. (Ref. report for the detail).
All the planned three (03) held. No variance. TAACC talked to RDP Uganda, a partner monitoring CDD and they co-funded the Chegere Sub County engagement as there was limited resource for the activity.
Activity 2: Networking, Linkages and Reporting on Accountability issues, website design and hosting.
TAACC had 22 activities attended by different staff during the quarter from Jan – March 2015. (See details below).

Through the social media, 77 viewers visited TAACC’s website on www.taacc.org.ug.

In March alone, 33 viewers visited TAACC’s website. The number above can be included on the people reached by TAACC. TAACC had planned for only 3 networking & linkages during the quarter. This was possible because some cost of networking was met by the organizers, hence the 22 networking during the quarter!

Then technology helped TAACC to reach the other 77 viewers of the website. TAACC had 101 viewers in the 2nd quarter.

 Apart from the slow response by public anti corruption institutions to handle the cases exposed / reported to them by the IBMs and TAACC i.e. From October 2013 to date March 2015 which has reached 393 from 372 service points from Apac Kole and Oyam districts and the frustration explained, TAACC could not handle all the networking due to resource constraints and does not have a competent Officer to post some of its very interesting issues and pictures on its website. This has reduced the capacity to share some of the successes and good practices through the website effectively.

 TAACC to get a volunteer with technical skills to handle its website to enable wide sharing of its strength, good practice and other forms of learning for proper e- networking.
Report on gender mainstreaming (how has the organization integrated gender in the reporting period?)
TAACC maintained links with gender sensitive partners and NGOs during the quarter. In January 2015 ACFODE conducted TAACC’s organizational capacity assessment to conduct trainings of the Women Councilors and the community women’s groups on good governance, gender accountability, social enterprises, etc. The coalition also forged partnerships with youth focused organizations like Recreation for Development and Peace (RDP) – Uganda & Apac District Youth Network (ADYN). This strategic partnership enabled TAACC to jointly follow cases of the mismanagement of CDD funds in Akokoro Sub County and Chegere Sub Counties in Apac district. Indeed RDP even co funded the Chegere Sub County engagement when TAACC had little fund for the activity. Both RDP & ADYN exposed the scandal in the CDD projects which TAACC worked with them to follow during the quarter. To TAACC, working with the youth and women focused organization was a strategic approach to increase the level of the youth and women participation in the accountability work. TAACC also maintained partnership with Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) Apac Office which is uses IT to monitor and report accountability. Also, Ket Ngwalo itic group that TAACC helped in Akokoro Sub County is a disabled group. TAACC helped them to recover their CDD fund of Ugx. 4 million. Also the CDD project mismanaged in Adem Parish, Chegere Sub County in Apac district meant to benefit elderly citizens of Adem Parish community.

As seen from this report, there is deliberate disaggregation by sex and gender. During the quarter, TAACC has specifically considered men, women, youth, the elderly, the PHAs and PWDs as it implements the activities for the quarter. Even the callers on the radio talk shows and the replay of the field engagements organized by TAACC. However, it is evident that due to some historical factors, the women and the youth, many of whom do not own cell phones have fewer callers to contribute on TAACC’s radio programmes. Otherwise, the timing for the field programmes, mobilization and the approach of handling cases have been sensitive to traditional norms, culture and traditions of workload of women in Lango Sub Region. At Office level, TAACC gave equal opportunities for staff training irrespective of sex. The Programme Officer – Advocacy and Networking was granted a maternity leave for 45 working days. The coalition is also cognizant of her need for child care and post natal care and always gives her 02 hours off duty to attend the new born boy.

Emerging issues, Risks and Mitigation:
1. Logical conclusion of case files no. CRB 474/2013 & CRB 475/2013 opened against Odongo Herimos, the former Sub County Chief of Inomo Sub County in Apac district & others. The case was concluded on the 3rd February 2015 before Apac Magistrates Court. Out of the Ugx. 2,700,000/= that was allegedly extorted from the community, Court recovered 1,365,000/=. Apac district local government investigated Chief Odongo Herimos and found problems with him as exposed by TAACC. Odongo is currently interdicted. The detail of this case is reported to DGF already. TAACC with financial support from DGF has brought this case to logical conclusion.

2. In January 2015, ACFODE conducted TAACC’s organizational capacity assessment to conduct trainings for the Women Councilors and the community women’s groups on good governance, gender accountability, social enterprises, etc. TAACC hopes to have the training.

3. USAID GAPP / RTI conducted a pre – grant award assessment on TAACC on the 12th March 2015. TAACC’s proposal to USAID GAPP scored 75.1%. USAID GAPP did the capacity assessment on TAACC and gave useful advice in programming and financial management. TAACC is waiting for the final feedback from USAID GAPP.

4. TAACC has written a concept note requesting for funding from the Commonwealth Foundation. The project is entitled “Citizens empowerment for development in Apac, Kole and Oyam districts.” The concept reference no is 2015 JAN-2039. TAACC is waiting for feedback expected within 5 months from January 2015.

5. TAACC also applied for a transport grant to MIVA / OneMen Netherlands. The reference number is 09241. The proposal seeks to procure one 01 double cabin pick up. MIVA / OneMen funds organizations to procure transport facilities and ICTs.

6. TAACC signed an MOU with National Democratic Institute (NDI) to coordinate and supervise the facilitation of focus group discussions (FGD) in Apac and Oyam districts. TAACC will oversee all the appointed facilitators in the process of mobilizing participants, holding discussions, transcribing the content and submitting the reports on the issues of vote buying and vote selling.

7. A staff from Sebei Diocese visited TAACC to learn how TAACC achieves its results and attended a DIPF at Awila Primary School where 03 people were arrested there and then over alleged corruption of the NUSAF 11 fund for the School solar and the CDD fund.

8. Lastly, TAACC expressed interest during the quarter in working with the UK Department for International Development (DFID). TAACC has not yet got the outcome of its application.

Risks and Mitigation:
Risks Mitigations

Antagonism of TAACC’s Activists, IBMs and Allies:
Example, the In Charge of Inomo Health Centre III, Apac district accused the Sub County IBMs of embarrassing his wife, a midwife who detained a lady that had delivered from the facility. This followed the monitoring of the Health Center by the IBMs where they discovered that the Midwife had detained a mother who had failed to raise Ugx. 15,000/= for the Midwife.
TAACC’s management went to the field, got all the facts, presented them in a meeting and the parties agreed that there was a problem and agreed to correct. The media was used to inform the public of the outcome.

Fostering strategic alliance with key actors like the RDC, Police, IGG, the media etc. to cause positive change, spread and mitigate the risks.
Abuse and undermining the IBMs:
Example. The Officer In Charge of Inomo Health Centre III referred to the IBMs as “stupid people who should get back to School to attain formal education.” Use of the media to inform the public and arrogant leaders on the duty of the citizens as enshrined in the constitution.

Constant mentoring, coaching, guiding and inspiring the IBMs on how to handle hardships involved in demanding accountability.
De motivation due to the slow level of investigating, prosecuting and concluding cases: As explained in the report, TAACC risks lost of interest by the IBMs who put in much effort but experience dragging in handling of the issues that they have labored to unearth by the relevant authorities. Persistence by TAACC and creating linkages, explaining to the IBMs that advocacy sometimes take long for one to realize the intended goal since some factors are beyond both the IBMs and TAACC’s control.
Lesson learnt:
Citizens are more motivated when the accountability issues that they have raised are concluded. They are more willing to participate in service delivery monitoring based on the punishment given to the corrupt and the feedback given. However, they get easily de motivated when they see that what they have exposed is not being concluded. This is one of the causes of the feeling of apathy at community level.

Some case stories of empowerment and impact realized during the quarter by TAACC.

TAACC caused the recovery of Ugx. 1.2 million CDD fund for a disable group:
Hon. Richmond Eguny, the LC.111 Chairman of Akokoro Sub County had used his influence to fraudulently receive up to 3.5 million CDD fund by influencing Akokoro Sub County Accountant, one Akaki to give the CDD fund to a ghost group that he had created called Wangcenye Youth group. The IBMs of Akokoro Sub County investigated the matter and reported to TAACC. TAACC organized a big District Integrity Promotion Forum (DIPF) to address the issue at Awila primary School in Akokoro Sub County. The engagement was blended by TAACC’s Forum Theatre group that helped to mobilize, inspire and educate the large gathering of local community. Apac district leaders like the Deputy RDC, DPC, DISO, OC-CIID, Akokoro Sub County Councilors and technical staff, the parents, member of the affected disable group and the former Member of Parliament for the area Hon. David Ebong attended the DIPF.

The DIPF got live testimony from M/s Doris Ebong, the purported Chairperson of the ghost group on how the Chairman Akokoro Sub County influenced her to be the Chairperson of the ghost group and how she received the CDD fund but handed the money to the Chairman later on. This was after a heated question and answer session that the only best option for her was to tell the truth. The CDD fund was for the FY 2013/2014. On hearing the testimony, the Deputy RDC Apac John Robert Omuut could not tolerate anything other than order immediate taking of the statements from Doris Ebong and all the people involved in the CDD fund scandal. The RDC further ordered the arrest of all the people accused.

The intervention led to the recovery of Ugx 1,200,000/= (Read: one million, two hundred thousand shillings only) from the Community Development Officer (CDO) of Akokoro Sub County. However, the RDC only pardoned the officer who refunded the 1.2 million, saying that he has confessed his sins. He instructed the Police to continue with the case on those who have not refunded the money. The Chairman of the disable group Ket Ngwalo Itic whose CDD fund was embezzled Patrick Onguu was over joyed and instead shaded tears of happiness. He bowed down, closed his eyes and, after a while said Amen!

Recovery of 800,000/= for Omiri Primary School, Iceme Sub County in Oyam district:
IBMs Team leader for Iceme Sub County Oyena Arwata was tipped through a phone call by the Area Councilor of Omiri Parish, Iceme Sub County that the Parents of the School were aggrieved following the failure of head teacher Kenneth Kollo to account for the School fund. IBM Oyena immediately visited the School and during his second visit, he discovered some anomalies. He compiled a report with supportive evidence to the District Education Officer (DEO- Oyam). The DEO was convinced with the information given by Oyena recommending action on Head teacher Kollo. The intervention forced head teacher Kollo to refund Ugx. 800,000/= from the total that he could not account for when summoned. However, Head teacher Kenneth Kollo still has a balance of Ugx. 316,000/= to be recovered out of the mismanaged fund that he has failed to account for. Omiri Primary School Management Committee was pushed by IBM Oyena to organize an emergency meeting on the 4th March 2015. Amongst other good resolutions of the meeting, head teacher Kollo Kenneth was to be transferred from the School and that the Deputy Head teacher should take care of the School. The meeting further resolves that Kollo should recover the balance of Ugx. 316,000/= unaccounted for. The Catholic Church of Iceme Parish, the School foundation body also relieved the Chairperson of the School Management Committee Alex Aluk from his duties through a letter to the DEO dated Monday, 2nd March 2015, citing amongst other weaknesses incompetency.

Recovery of IPSLA fund:
M/s Betty Ocika, TAACC’s trained IBM of Iceme Sub County after getting the complain from the group members of Iceme Producers Saving and Loan Association (IPSLA) investigated and caused the arrest of Okite Boney (Treasurer), Onyang Joel (Chairperson), and Obote Jacob (Secretary). The trio had caused the loss of the Association fund through fraud. M/s Ocika helped the members to report the case to Iceme Police Station. The three were arrested and detained for a while. Case file number SD14/12/3/2015 PRB 105/2015 was opened by the Police. Sensing danger, the group leaders pleaded to the OC – Station to be allowed to pay the lost money. Through mediation, their plea was heard and Police released them on police bond. They sold their personal property and paid the Ugx. 4 million of the group on Monday, 23rd March 2015.

The IBMs of Oyam Town Council caused recovery of Ugx. 1,389,500/=:
Up to Ugx. 1,389,500/= Parents Teachers Association (PTA) fund for the financial year 2014 / 2015 for Awelobutoryeo Primary School was mismanaged by the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the School. During their monitoring, the trained IBMs found this out. They tasked the PTA Executives to account for the money. The three leaders failed to account for the funds. The IBMs reported the matter to Oyam Police Station. Patrick Aceka, the PTA Chairperson was arrested and detained by Police. While in the cell, the three accepted their fault and agreed to sell some personal properties to pay the money which they later did.

Aber Sub County IBMs recovered Ugx. 230,000/=:
During their usual monitoring, the IBMs discovered that the Operation & Maintenance (O&M) fund for their borehole worth 230,000/= was missing. They reported the matter to Aber Police Out Post. Opio John (the care taker of the borehole) and George Otidi (LC. I Chairperson) were summoned to record statement on the missing fund. The accused pleaded guilty before the Police and requested that they should be allowed to pay the money. Police considered their request and Opio and Otidi used their personal money to pay the O&M fund. To date, a new water management committee and borehole care taker have been put in place to manage Okello-ocoga borehole located in Station Village, Atura Parish, Aber Sub County in Oyam district.

IBMs power of mobilization caused repair of 08 boreholes:
TAACC’s intervention through the IBMs of Aleka Sub County caused the repair of eight (08) broken down boreholes in the Primary Schools in Aleka Parish. The IBMs with the support of the PTA Chairpersons of Abela Primary School, Wiagaba Primary School, Obaro Primary School, Baromo Primary School, Alibi Primary School, Okoldyang Primary School, Ajulia Primary School and Lela-pala Primary School mobilized the community members to contribute the fund to repair the broken down boreholes. To date, the eight boreholes are in good working conditions. Both parents and Teachers have appreciated the intervention. The head teacher of Ajulia Primary School Okello Tom Richard remarked “…I have been challenged by this kind of initiative by TAACC’s trained IBMs….”. Okello was motivated by the IBMs intervention and he pulled 70,000/= (Seventy thousand Shillings) towards the repair of the borehole in his School when it breaks down again.

Tracing the impact of TAACC’s intervention:
Refer to the engagement of TAACC through a DIPF reported on in the 3rd quarter 2013/2014. The road and culverts on Otoo swamp in Abongomola Sub County in Apac district had become a money minting tool. For three (03) years, the Sub County would include the said road in their budget and embezzle the road fund leaving the road impassable. Kids from the northern part of the swamp could not access Abwong Primary School in the South because of the bad road. The IBMs and the community affected raised the matter to TAACC that organized a big engagement with Apac district leaders and Abongomola Sub County leaders. TAACC followed the field DIPF organized in June 2014 with series of other advocacy interventions like putting the picture of the undone road on its calendar amongst others. The chronic mismanagement of the fund for Otoo swamp in Olio Cell, Abwong Parish in Abongomola Sub County was also discussed on almost all the media houses in Lango Sub Region. TAACC IBMs supported the community to deliver a petition to Apac district leaders over the same village road until Abongomola Sub County leaders allocated Ugx 7.6 million shillings to grade the road and install the culverts in the financial year 2014/2015 from Uganda Road Fund (URF). To date, the road is passable through the big swamp as can be seen below!


DSC02291 DSC02292

Above: Otoo swamp after TAACC’s intervention, children happily passing over the road that was impassable!

Refer to TAACC’s previous report to DGF over the road. Refer also to the Daily Monitor, June 30th 2014, NTV news of 29th June 2014 (NTV @ One News). Otherwise, TAACC caused Apac Police to open case file No. GEF 09/2014 against Abongomola Sub County Authorities and Eng. Humphrey Ogwang over the same road. At last the road is concluded and the villages are connected now, thanks to DGF for the support.

The arrest of Akokoro Sub County leaders during the quarter of January – March 2015.
The NUSAF 11 project committee members of Awila Primary School solar project refused to follow the procurement guidelines in order to steal part of the 26,849,000/= received from NUSAF Office, Apac district. The solar was meant to provide light to the rural school for effective learning of pupils. TAACC got the complaint from the IBMs and the leaders of Apac district Youth network. After getting enough evidence, TAACC organized a big DIPF at Awila Primary School. The meeting was meant to address the mismanagement of UPE fund of Kwibale Primary school in Akokoro Sub County as well. Apac district Deputy RDC, DISO, DPC, OC-CIID, Akokoro Sub County leaders and technical staff, the IBMs and Awila School leaders attended the engagement. The meeting found that three members of the project committee and Awila Primary School head teacher connived with some NUSAF officials to defraud Awila School of the solar fund. Roughly Ugx 9 million was found to have been corrupted. RDC John Robert Omuut was furious. He ordered the Police officers that TAACC had mobilized for the field DIPF to take action. Head teacher one Araji hid himself from the DIPF fearing to answer tough questions. His deputy who sits in the school finance committee was present. The RDC ordered the arrest of three (03) of the project committee members of the NUSAF project and the Deputy Head teacher and instructed that the head teacher should present himself to Police the next day. Police opened case file numbers 238/2015 & 246/2015 over the case. Investigation is going on and the file will be submitted to the office of the DPP for advice after the statements from Apac district NUSAF officials are concluded. The RDC’s action left the wife of the Deputy Head teacher and the relatives of the NUSAF project committee members in tears as the arrested three leaders tried to console them by appearing unbothered. See below for the action in picture!
In his closing remark, Apac Deputy RDC John Robert Omuut told the citizens that it is the duty of the civil servants and the elected leaders to inform them about every public programme.

Alleged mismanagement of CDD funds by Chegere Sub County Officials in Apac district:
The alleged mismanagement of the CDD fund featured during the Baraza / Citizen hearing event at Chegere Sub County headquarters organized by Action Aid International Uganda and RDP Uganda in July 2014. TAACC’s IBMs and RDP’s Youth Budget Advocacy Group (YBAG) later followed the allegation and got more facts and evidences about the fraud. These evidences were used for yet another engagement during the quarter at the end of March 2015 in a DIPF organized by TAACC in partnership with RDP Uganda and Apac District Youth Network at Chegere Sub County headquarters.

During the DIPF, TAACC, RDP Uganda and Apac District Youth Network (ADYN) with the community heard that the CDO Jennifer Otyeka and Adem Parish area Councilor Hon. Jackson James Opio fraudulently changed the CDD fund meant to benefit Can – olola Farmers group to benefit a ghost group Can-oleo. Councilor Opio made his wife the Chairperson of the ghost group. A total of 12 members out of the fake 14 members of the ghost group were found to be Councilor Opio’s relatives (mother, brothers, sisters, daughters, nephews, cousins etc).The dialogue was attended by 250 participants comprising of leaders and rights holders. The CDD fund misappropriated is for FY 2013 / 2014. The DIPF heard that even the photos of the inputs (oxen & ox plough, tree seedlings etc) taken by the CDO to have been bought from the CDD fund belonged to some private individuals. Instead Hon. Opio James Jackson is said to have shared the CDD fund with the CDO. The DIPF heard that Hon. Jackson James Opio used part of the Ugx. 4 million CDD fund to roof his house that had stalled. Hearing the scandal, Apac district deputy CIID proceeded to take statements from the rightful Can – olola group members in a case file number 247/2015. More of the people with evidence are taking statements. Otherwise, the community further demanded that the CAO Apac should interdict the CDO and the former Sub County Chief of Chegere Sub County Wilfred Obala as they were part of the CDD corruption scandal.

TAACC IBMs caused recovery of 12 Village Health Team (VHTs) bicycles in Bala Sub –County in Kole district.
Bala Sub County got 82 VHT bicycles from the office of the DHO of Kole district to ease transport of the health volunteers. The VHTs were to mobilize the public on anti malarial campaign and other health service delivery at household level. However 12 of the 82 bicycles were fraudulently given to some Sub – County officials (LC II, LC. III, Secretary Health etc) who are not VHT members by the Health Assistant. On 18th December 2014, TAACC IBMs stormed the Sub County over the matter. After discovering that the bicycles were given to non VHT members, the IBMs led the community to the DHO and later the Chairperson L.C V and the CAO of Kole district. The IBMs demanded that the bicycles be given to the right beneficiaries. Convinced with the evidences raised by the IBMs and the affected VHT members, the CAO of Kole district ordered that the Sub County Health Assistant of Bala Sub County should give the bicycles to the right beneficiaries immediately. To ensure fast action over the matter, the IBMs further reported the case to Kole district CPS. Police from Kole district CPS gave the Health Assistant only five (05) days to recover all the 12 bicycles from the Councilors and directed him to bring the bicycles to Kole CPS. The Health Assistant had no choice but to recover and deliver the 12 missing bicycles to Kole CPS. Police then gave the bicycles to the right VHTs in the presence of the IBMs. To TAACC, this is a high level of civic empowerment to the extent of generating activism. The 12 bicycles are valued at Ugx 3,000,000/=.

The IBMs caused repair of shoddy work in three Primary Schools in Apac district:
Both the IBMs and the media people trained by TAACC discovered shoddy work on the twin staff house at Agulu Primary School in Apac Town Council. While in Abany Primary School, Abongomola Sub County also in Apac district, the IBMS also discovered shoddy work. In Chawente Sub County, the IBMs discovered shoddy work on a classroom block at Agolowelo Primary School. The Agulu and Abany structures are funded under NUSAF II project. The trained structures embarked on a series of advocacy activities to have the shoddy work corrected. They approached the area Councilor for Eastern Ward, Apac Town Council Hon. Okello Aked and Geoffrey Odongo, a reporter for radio Waa based in Apac and later on TAACC who helped them to draft complaint letters to the CAO of Apac district on the 19th March 2015. The letter on Agulu twin house was signed by the area Councilor for Eastern Ward while the one on Abany Primary School was signed by the IBMs and copied to TAACC and other authorities. The strongly worded letters enumerated the problems as deep cracks on the structures, the non functionality of the solar system and other technical problems. They cited Shajapa Technical Works Ltd as the contractor of the shoddy work at Agulu twin house contracted at Ugx. 76 million amongst others. Apac district Engineers Francis Odongo & Patrick Onyok were accused to have received some bribes from Shajapa Technical Works Ltd by the IBMs which led to the poor construction. The CAO, RDC, IGG, DPC Apac amongst others were requested to take action.
The other issues that the IBMs discovered is that the wife of Apac district Engineer one Okello Nelson Lemba called Lady had used the company SHAJAPA TECH. Work to get the Agulu and Agolowelo classroom contracts. Shajapa belongs to a businessman one Ayena Eyul, based in Lira. The district Engineer Okello Nelson Lemba is currently abroad for further studies. His wife lady who is unskilled is the one who supervised the construction of the two structures. The Abany Primary School project also a NUSAF II funded classroom block for FY 2014 / 2015 had shoddy work too. The contract sum was found to be Ugx 64,299,123/= and the contractor is Great North Suppliers (U) Ltd. Construction work started on the 2nd July 2014.

Below: The Abany Primary School classroom block with cracks marked by TAACC IBMs for correction after their monitoring of the structure.
Following the intervention, Apac district Deputy RDC and CAO acted. They visited the sites and gave orders. In Abany Primary School, the RDC directed the contractor to demolish and correct the cracks. While in Agulu Primary School, the contractor has been ordered to get back and demolish the floor, properly fix the doors and windows and ensure that the solar system is working. The work is going on currently; TAACC will follow the case to conclusion and report to DGF. Below is the Abany Primary School classroom block, Abongomola Sub County in Apac district corrected after TAACC’s IBM intervention.
There are no more cracks on the NUSAF 11 funded classroom, thanks to the vigilance of the community watchdogs trained by TAACC.
Detail of TAACC networking and linkages during the quarter January – March 2015:
1. TAACC Executive Director attended and chaired a session organized by Lira NGO Forum in Pauline Hotel Annex, Lira on Lango Platform for Governance & Accountability (LPGA). The meeting also discussed the Quality Assurance Certification Mechanism (QUAM) for the CSOs in Lango region.
2. The Programme Manager also attended another LPGA meeting organized by National Democratic Institute (NDI) at Gracious Palace Hotel, Lira on the 17th February 2015.
3. TAACC Executive Director and the Programme Manager attended the northern Uganda Partners’ Reflection meeting organized by DGF on the 25th March 2015 at Akello Hotel Ltd, Soroti.
4. TAACC Programme Officer, Finance and Administration attended a capacity building training on financial management and reporting on the 31st March 2015 at Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) Board room.
5. The Programme Manager and Programme Officer Finance & Administration participated at Alliance Coalition for election Finance Monitoring (ACFIM). The meeting was for planning election finance monitoring. TAACC is a member of the loose coalition. It was organized on the 19th – 20th February 2015 at Grand Imperial Hotel, Kampala.
6. The Programme Manager facilitated training for the member organizations of NGO Link Forum Apac – NLFA on CSO’s operating environment at Mayov Hotel, Apac on the 25th February 2015. The training was organized with funding from Independent Development Fund (IDF).
7. TAACC Programme Manager facilitated training for the media in West Lango on Media operating environment at NLFA Board room on the 4th March 2015. NLFA organized the training with funding from IDF.
8. The Executive Director and Programme Manager attended a problem solving meeting between the IBMs and leaders of Inomo Sub County on issues that the IBMs raised on the staff of Inomo Health Centre III on the 3rd March 2015 at Inomo Health Centre III.
9. The Programme Officer for Capacity Building of TAACC attended the Education Sector Anti Corruption Working Group meeting on Friday 27th February 2015 at Fairway Hotel, Kampala. The meeting brought all the Regional Anti Corruption Coalition (RACCs) affiliated to ACCU and representatives from the Ministry of Education and other government Accountability Ministries, Departments and Agencies to deliberate on the education report compiled by Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) from the RACCs.
10. The Program Officer Capacity Building attended a meeting with DGF Information and Documentation team on Thursday 26th February 2015 at Lira NGO Forum Office in Lira Town. Meeting aimed at making follow up on the DGF partner’s synergy interventions.
11. Programme Officer Capacity Building attended citizens parliament/baraza on improving service delivery especially education, health and production sectors in Apac district organized by Recreation for Development and Peace (RDP- Uganda) with financial support from Action Aid International Uganda at Mayov Hotel, Apac on Thursday, 12th February 2015
12. TAACC Program Officer Capacity Building attended the Anti Corruption Marathon organized by the Sebei Diocese in Kapchorwa on Friday 20th March 2015. The event was aimed at using sports to pass anti corruption messages to the public. It brought participants from all over Uganda.
13. The Program Officer Capacity Building attended free and fair election campaign feedback meeting organized by National NGO Forum on Tuesday 31st March 2015 at Lira Municipal Council Hall.
14. The Accounts Assistant attended one day training on contract monitoring and open contracting organized by Uganda Road Sector Support Initiative (URSSI) & Uganda Contracts Monitoring Coalition (UCMC) under its Works & Transport Cluster with support from the World Bank on the 13th February 2015 in Kampala.
15. TAACC Volunteer Programme Officer – IT attended the joint planning meeting for joint monitoring organized by Transparency International (TI) Uganda on the 20th February 2015 at Apac district Planning Unit Board room.
16. The Programme Assistant attended a meeting organized by Transparency International – Uganda on the 13th February 2015 at Red Cross Hall. The meeting reviewed the action plans which were developed for monitoring government programs in Apac district.
17. The Programme Assistant attended the HURINET Consultative Meeting on the National Action Plan on the 20th February 2015 at Gracious Palace in Lira District.
18. The Programme Assistant attended a one day training of the duty bearers on the use of ICT to effectively engage with citizens for improve service delivery in Apac. The meeting was organized by Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) at Red Cross Hall on the 5th March 2015.
19. TAACC’s Programme Assistant attended the Coordinators Forum at ACCU Secretariat board room on the 12th March 2015.
20. The Programme Assistant attended the NDI / ACFIM training on how to conduct the focus group discussions on vote buying and selling intervention on the 17th – 18th March 2015 at Gracious Palace Hotel in Lira District.
21. The Programme Assistant attended Apac District Forum of People Living with HIV/ AIDs to share information on how to develop a frame work that can help eradicate HIV / AIDs in Apac district at Apac Planning Unit Board room on the 25th March 2015.
22. A Volunteer Programme Officer attended a 4 days training on good governance and accountability from 23rd – 26th February 2015 at Mayov Hotel, Apac organized by NGO Link Forum Apac.

Thank you.