About us

 What is The Apac Anti-Corruption Coalition is a Coalition (TAACC)?

TAACC, The Apac Anti-Corruption Coalition is a Coalition of 150 subscribed members (CBO, NGOs, Media Houses and individual activists) who share a common objective of fighting all forms of corruption and human rights abuses in Lango sub region. TAACC is one of the Regional Anti Corruption Coalition (RACC) affiliated to Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU). The Coalition got registered on 12th August 2003 with the national NGO Board (Reg. No: S.5914/4566) and with the Registrar of Companies Kampala on the 9th Day of September 2003 (No. 60255) as a company limited by Guarantee. It has a board of directors elected from its membership, a secretariat of 8 experienced staff and a fairly equipped spacious rented office. TAACC reaches the grassroots level through a team of 216 trained community Independent Budget Monitors (IBMs) in three districts of Apac, Kole and Oyam.

Strategic Objectives

  • To coordinate the activities of the affiliate member organizations, NGOs, CBOs and institutions in the region in the fight against corruption and building a strong and formidable coalition thereby.
  • To mobilize funds, support and facilitation on behalf of its affiliate members.
  • To facilitate training and capacity building of the affiliate member groups and any others on issues of corruption.
  • To provide consultancy services on corruption issues, conflict resolution, decentralization, commercial undertaking and others consequential to community and disadvantaged groups advancement.
  • Undertaking programs/activities geared towards community development and good maintenance of public property as well as good governance.
  • To facilitate exchange programs and networking with other organizations which share the aims and objectives of TAACC.
  • To receive and administer on behalf of member organizations gifts, offerings, grants, and any other contributions for any program and work of TAACC and its affiliates.

What we stand For


Transparency and Accountability


A society free of corruption and human rights abuse with transparent and effective service delivery to the people


Empowering the community and its members to fight all forms of corruption and human rights for good governance and effective service delivery

Documents for Download

Click here to download: TAACC second quarter report

Click here to download: TAACC First quarter Report

Click here to download: Newspaper cuts

Click here to download: TAACC report to DGF – first Qter 2014 – 2015 – Final

Our Values

Good governance
Value for money
Rights to basic services